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Now making his way to the bio Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey weighting at about 165 pounds. L.X. Aka Lord Xzae! I am Full Time Geek. I like to rap about Wrestling, Comic books, video games, television, and majorly obscure pop culture references. Been rapping since I was 14 now finally decent. One of founding members of S.P.F.


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"It's only us, Philonius."

Philonius Phunk is a hip-hop/r&b music producer and a rapper/producer of the nerdcore group, Symphonic Pheenix Force or SPF. Born in Ohio and residing in Florida, Phunk brings the noise with elements of boom bap, trap, and 16-bit sounds. Growing up, he was influenced by J Dilla and The Neptunes while playing video games and indulging in gaming music soundtracks.  In 2013, he released his first beat tape called “It’s Only Us pt.1: Loyal Royal,” and in 2016, Philonius released a nerdcore compilation album, "PhunkoLand," which included some of Nerdcore's upcoming talents such as Darealwordsound, The Last WordBenders, Ish1da, and more. He has produced projects and remixes with many hip-hop artists such as Niko Is, Richie Branson, Mega Ran just to name a few. Philonius Phunk and SPF have performed at anime/comic conventions and venues along the southern east coast and shared the stage with similar acts like Eye Q, E-Turn, and Ben Briggs.  Bridging the gap between a niche market such as nerdcore with mainstream hip-hop, Philonius Phunk can deliver an unrestrained unpredictable sound for the masses.

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Terrible Toad King. What can we say about him? Well, he likes memes, comic books, video games, and those got dang Japanese cartoons like Pokieman, Sailor and the Seven Ballz, Avatar, and Boku no Pico Academia. He started writing music in 2013 with L.X. and Philonius Phunk. He's a 3 out of 10 on a good day. He's single, likes long walks through the convention, and will agree to most couple cosplays. Oh, he likes wordplay and puns. You know when you have to press your tear ducts together because of something that made you go "ugh"? That's Toad King. You know when you realize a reference two bars after it was said in a verse? That's Toad King. You know those prank videos where the guy pulled up people's pants and a gun fell from one of those people? That's not Toad King. Also, that's not a prank...that's just stupid.

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"Everything is Inevitable"

Puerto Rican singer, rapper, and song writer SirenSeraph joined SPF in mid 2016. With a background in Naval Junior ROTC, a member of the National Junior Honor Society, A Daughter of the American Revolution, and has obtained a BA in Criminal Justice with certifications in Homeland Security, as well as one year towards her master's in

Criminology: Forensic Science. With a background in high school musical theater and stage craft, and experience in community threater as an actor and stage tech. 


Hobbies include: Knitting, drawing, painting, fabrication, cosplay, singing, writing, and video gaming. 


Sport hobbies include: Baseball, volleyball, and soccer. 


Outdoor Hobbies include: Canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and adventures


Indoor Hobbies include: Analyzing theories, board games, napping, and all the other stuff listed under hobbies.


Likes: Amusement parks, all genres music, theater, horror films, comedy, Salvador Dali, roller coasters, analyzing, deduction, being around people, cemetaries, cold climates, analytical thinking, cats, etc.


Dislikes: Beach, smelly smells, everyone on the road when driving, emotions, being around people for too long, society's social norms for men and women, hot climates, wasps, etc.

Favorite video games: World of Warcraft, Bioshock series, The Sims, Rage, F.E.A.R. series , Smite, Unturned, Vampires the Masquerade, Sonic, Final Fantasy series, Pet City, Dungeon Defenders, 7 days to Die, Garry's Mod, Bolders Gate series, H1Z1, Alien, Atlas, Diablo series, etc. (The list goes on and on)

The main goal for SirenSeraph is to be happy and spread that happiness when and where she can

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"You know who this is. SwagSwitcha in the building."

SwagSwitcha Double J.B The Platinum King, when you refer to one you refer to all. You may remember me originally as the Commander in Chief of the Mild Fleet. Since then I have retired that position and became the bridge between mainstream rap and nerdcore. I am unique from my look to my music and it will open the eyes of all who listen.  My style is as good as my flow and my lyrics shine as bright as my jewelry. Nerdcore is my home, but my sound knows no boundaries just like how my style, has no limits. No matter what music I do nerdcore or not I will always stay true to me. I am a GFL “Gamer For Life” and I will always let that be known in everything I do. Hip hop is about expressing oneself and talking about what I know. Its just one of those things. I grew up around drugs, sex and money and street life but lucky for me, I chose anime, video games, super heroes and the nerd life.

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